Valentine’s Day: ditch the flowers

Shock.  Horror.  This florist is telling you not to buy flowers for your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

Don’t you think that Valentine’s Day should be all about love and not how much money you can afford (or not afford) to lavish on your loved one?

For me, the best gifts come from the heart and don’t conform to formulaic rituals.  I love getting presents but the ones I remember cost just pennies. The crayon drawing, the baked Alaska disaster (all going so well until the oven malfunction).

Earlier this year I heeded advice in an article from the weekend papers and decided to gift two things to my husband.  (1) I would endeavour only to have conversations with him when we were in the same room. Not every conversation obviously – but perhaps talking on our phones would be better than the muffled yell from two rooms away and (2) that we should gift each other x-many guilt free days of doing something the other wants to do, without going through the mental tally chart of who was at the top of the leader board in terms of nights out, housekeeping duties and the junk of day to day living.


I can report back that so far it’s been success. Thoughtful acts of kindness have given me the freedom to soak up the unfairness of life and get a smile and recognition of my efforts in return.

My advice this Valentine’s Day is to ditch the flowers and wrap up something that money can’t buy. Spend time and take time. And if you really do want to give flowers speak to your florist and take their advice.  Buy what you can afford – it doesn’t need to be roses, or red. Work together and design a bouquet that comes from your heart.

Whether it’s a dozen red roses, or a flowers from your garden, impress your loved one by looking after them.  Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year – so don’t forget to keep the cut ends of your bouquet in a bucket of water overnight.

If you need a prompt for getting your flowers to last as long as they can I’d suggest you sign up to my FREE tips – over the course of five days I’ll send a tip a day direct to your inbox, so that you can make a start on getting your flowers to last longer.


Happy Valentine’s Day – fingers crossed there’ll be flowers on my breakfast table.


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Until next time, happy flowers!


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