Unboxing Freddie’s Flowers

Have you ever decided to treat yourself and order flowers online to be delivered to you at home?  Well, that’s exactly what I did last week.

Freddie’s Flowers

The Freddie’s Flowers website is really lovely. There’s lots of great advice about what vases to choose and how to arrange your flowers casually at home.  My order was confirmed with an exact date for delivery the following week – and I had a cheeky email from Freddie too!

What to expect?

The box my flowers arrived in was absolutely huge.  Made of robust cardboard I found it tricky to get into at first – and then I found where the flaps were.  It’ll be easier next time.  Inside your box you’ll find your flowers wrapped in brown paper and held in place with twine. Handy if you want to whip up a bouquet to gift to your Mum.

What will your flowers be like?

I have to be totally honest with you at this point.  My flowers were delivered when I was out, so my husband took them in – and forget to tell me that they’d arrived.  It was 24 hours later before I got them into water…

unboxing Freddie's flowers
unboxing Freddie's flowers

Although I knew exactly what to expect in my box (there are photos online) I have to admit I was the tiniest bit disappointed.  In hindsight, I realise this was because I was cross with myself for having chosen to go to bed, rather than spending a few minutes unpacking my flowers.

My roses and alstroemeria were a bit bed-draggled. However, within six hours of re-cutting their stems and putting them in water they were on their road to recovery.

How many flowers can you expect for your money?

It costs £22 for a weekly box of flowers.  Once you’ve logged into your account you can choose up to six weeks ahead when you want your flowers delivered.  So, if your flowers are lasting well, or you’re going away you don’t get lumbered with flowers you don’t want.

In my box I had:

  • 5 x white avalanche roses – the heads on this rose are huge
  • 3 x white alstroemeria
  • 3 x Avant Garde tulips - the peonies of the tulip world
  • 2 x aster (September flower) – these stems were really bushy.  I needed to pinch off some of the side shots to get the flowers to sit properly in my vase, so I was able to make a mini-arrangement in a jam jar too.

Checkout my unboxing video.


How long can you expect your flowers to last?

My flowers just got better and better. The roses relaxed open, the tight buds of the alstroemeria filled out and the tulips did their thing.

You’ll find lots of advice on the Freddie’s Flower website about how to look after your flowers and keep them in peak condition for as long as possible.  My top tip: add water!

unboxing Freddie's flowers
unboxing Freddie's flowers

Would you like a free box of Freddie’s Flowers?

There’s always time for more flowers in your life – especially when you can try them for free.  If you order your weekly flowers using this link (with the code JulieD3596) then you’ll get your first box of Freddie’s Flowers free. You can continue with your deliveries for as long as you like. However, you’re not tied in - you can set holidays for your flower deliveries, skip a week, or cancel your order entirely.

More about Freddie’s Flowers

Freddie’s Flowers deliver all over mainland UK. Their vans choose routes that keep emissions and flower miles down. Some of their deliveries are made by bike. Freddie’s Flowers aren’t posted. They’re hand delivered and left - if needed -  in a safe place.

Until next time, happy flowers!


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unboxing Freddie's flowers
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