Top tips for looking after your supermarket roses

Top tips for looking after your supermarket roses

Do you have much luck with your supermarket roses?  Here are my top ten tips for looking after them.


Pack your roses into your bag at the very end of your shop, so they don’t get squashed.

2.Get home

Your roses won’t like being out of water and on a hot day will overheat if left in their cellophane wrap.


Grab your scissors and cut away the plastic wrapping.

how to look after supermarket roses
how to look after supermarket roses


Peel off your flower food sachet.  Don’t cut it off, as you may pierce the sachet and be left with a sticky mess.

5. Vase

When you have time clean your vases with a drop of bleach, water and a scrubbing brush. Or, if your vase is dishwasher safe, put it through your next wash.

6. Flower food

Cut open your flower food sachet and pour the contents into your vase.  Read the instructions on the packet.  Do you need to add half a litre or a full litre of water?

how to look after supermarket roses
how to look after supermarket roses


Remove any dead or damaged leaves from the stems of your roses.  Peel off any other leaves which will fall below the level of the water in your vase.

8.Rose thorns

Take care as your roses may have thorns!  Leave the thorns on – and don’t handle the stems too much, otherwise it’ll hurt – or, pare them off with a vegetable knife.

9.Guard petals

Peel off the guard petals.

10.Re-cut your stems

With a sharp pair of scissors cut off the bottom 2cm from each of your rose stem ends.

Until next time, happy flowers! Julie

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