Styling your handtied bouquet

Imagine the scene – you’ve been gifted a tied posy.  Do you know what to do with it? Read on for four easy steps for looking after, and styling your handtied bouquet.

1. Remove your packaging

The first thing you need to do is remove all the packing around your bouquet.  This might include layers of tissue paper and cellophane, and perhaps even an aqua-pack – this is the bubble of water which is there to keep your flowers fresh on their journey from the florist to your home.

2. Choose a vase

The next job is to choose a vase.  Make sure it’s clean – would you drink out of it?  Add lukewarm water and flower food.

Styling your handtied bouquet

place your flowers on a low coffee table if you'd like to view them from above

3. Cut your stems to length

Not only do you need to re-cut your flowers stems to enable your flowers to drink, but you also need to trim them so they fit into your vase. 

If you’ve chosen a tall container you’ll not need to chop much off your ends. But if you’ve got a short vase, you’ll need to reduce the length of your stems by quite a bit.  You’re aiming for your flowers to rest their heads on the rim of your vase – so you can’t see the string which has been used to tie them.

Styling your handtied bouquet

the front of your vase - when viewed from the side

Styling your handtied bouquet

the back of your vase - when viewed from the side

4. Styling your flowers

If you’re going to be putting your flowers on a shelf - rather than on a low coffee table – you’ll only be able to admire your flowers from one side.  My top tip is to cut trough the string which is keeping your flowers in place – and reposition the more eye-catching flowers from the back of your vase to the front.  This way your display will be even more impressive.

I’ve recently filmed a Facebook Live on styling your handtied bouquet in my FlowerStart World group – you can watch it here.


Until next time, happy flowers!




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Styling your handtied bouquet
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