Redesign your week to create ‘me time’

How are you feeling about the New Year? Back to work. Back to school. Christmas decorations packed away? 

If like me you’re still trying to get your head together after the festive season, my friend and life coach Lucy Stanyer is taking over my blog this week to share how you can kick start your New Year – by redesigning your week to make time for you.

An oasis in the desert?

Does ‘me time’ sound like an oasis in the desert to you? Well, it doesn’t have to be.

It’s easy to put your own needs at the back of the queue and find yourself running on empty, especially if you’re a Mum. Most of us don’t take enough time to nurture our hobbies or give ourselves quality down-time.

Me time helps you unwind, makes you more productive and contributes to a good work-life balance. It also gives you a chance for self-discovery. Most importantly, me time can be an opportunity to harness your creativity and self-expression.

Redesign your week to create me time
Redesign your week to create me time

Life after becoming a Mum

Many of my coaching clients find that after becoming a Mum they experience a loss of their sense of self - or at least the identity they had before having kids - and their hobbies and creative outlets are the first thing to go.

How about taking up a new hobby?

Would you love to do a hobby that you had before or attend a creative class but you simply don’t have the regular childcare to go?

I’ve been working with Julie since the early days of her business. I’ve seen how she’s grown to become an Award-winning business woman.  Julie spotted a gap in the market for time-pressed Mums who want to make time for themselves.

If that sounds like you then I know that #FlowerStart Julie’s online flower arranging classes will be an ideal place to start if you’ve got a passion for flowers and want to bring out your creative side. It’s delivered via email with videos and photo tutorials and support via a Facebook group.

And, as there’s no real-time commitment, all you need to do is wait until the kids are in bed and tune into Julie’s expert floristry knowledge to create four beautiful arrangements for your home.

Redesign your week to create me time
Redesign your week to create me time

Make time in your week for you

If you can’t see how to fit it into your week, I’ve put together a great free workbook that will help you redesign your week so you can kickstart your me time and give #FlowerStart a go.

As you work your way through this fabulous little resource you’ll see how you can rework your week to fit in time to learn something new and have time for you.

Download your free copy of my redesign your week freebie here.

Redesign your week

Huge thanks to Lucy for posting for me this week.  While you’re in the zone you might also like to look at my New Year’s post from last year.

Thanks to Samantha Jones for the photographs in this post.

Until next time, happy flowers!



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Redesign your week to create me time
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