Pancake Day


my classic batter bowl
my classic batter bowl


Yum!  It’ll soon be Pancake Day.  I always mix up my batter in this super bowl/jug from Pampered Chef*.  As well as celebrating with a stack of pancakes, I’ll also be incorporating lemons into some of my flower designs.

2014-02-28 14.54.24

Fruit and flowers are a fabulous combination, but unfortunately, it does reduce the longevity of your blooms.  The reason for this is that fruit gives off ethylene gas – an important natural agent in the ripening of fruit.  If you’ve ever put bananas and under-ripe pears together in your fruit bowl; so that the pears become soft enough to eat, you’ve been harnessing the power of ethylene gas.

five roses and a missing ingredient
five roses and a missing ingredient


You might reasonably expect your flowers to last a week in a cool room, adding fruit into the mix will hasten their decline.  You might notice premature bud, leaf and petal drop, and transparency or loss of colour in your flowers (but that will happen anyway over time …)

with a twist of lemon
with a twist of lemon


Until next time, happy flowers! Julie


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