Meet: Ellie the Art Technician

Let me introduce you to Ellie, one of my students at the Ashford Gateway who signed up to an eight-week floristry class this summer through KCC Adult Education.


Ellie sent me a lovely email a couple of weeks ago showing some photos of the flowers she’d created for a friend’s wedding.  It’s always lovely to get feedback from students about real life projects and I thought you’d like to hear Ellie’s story.

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Behind each student there’s always an interesting tale to be told as to why they sign up for Adult Education classes and Ellie is no exception.  By day she works as an Art Technician in a local school helping out in classes and preparing resources; and at the weekend she works at a local florist, as well as working part time at a hotel.  Creativity obviously courses through Ellie’s veins – she attended the University for Creative Arts and completed a degree in Contemporary Photography. She tells me that she “loves the arts, crafts and photography”.

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Ellie always brings a bucket of homegrown garden flowers and foliage with her to class which makes for relaxed and wild arrangements.  With a love of nature, over the years Ellie has found pleasure in growing fruit and vegetables and helping out in the garden.   Floristry appeals to Ellie as she gets to combine her love of flowers, and her artistic eye, to create something beautiful.

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As Ellie works at a florist, I wondered what had drawn her sign up to class.  She tells me that although she’s learnt quite a lot from working in the floristry studio she wanted to learn more skills and thought the Adult Education programme was a great place for this. Ellie has found that she loves the structure of the class which begins with a tutorial, followed by a practical session and then a discussion of everyone’s finished pieces.  In her own words Ellie says “learning from each other is a great way to develop skills and each pupil has a slightly different approach to their work so it’s great to see the final outcomes”.

Until next time, happy flowers! Julie


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