How to make personalised greetings card online

Do you ever find yourself searching for the perfect greetings card, but nothing hits the mark?  I've teamed up with Caroline at Mystery Hare to bring you an easy to follow tutorial for making your own personalised greetings cards online. 

Make sure you read to the end of this post and check out how you can download a free image by Samantha Jones to make your own card - perfect for the wedding season.

Step 1 - choose an online greetings card site

For the purposes of this blog post we've used From there you'll need to select 'cards' from the menu bar and then click 'photo upload'.

Continue by selecting the layout you like.  It could be:

  1. (1) standard portrait layout, as shown below
  2. (2) standard landscape or
  3. (3) as shown below, a square card

With all three options you can choose the size of your card.

personalised photo greetings card

Step 2: Let's start designing

Select the image you want to upload.  This could be one of your own photos - from your computer, Facebook or Instagram. Or if you prefer you can download this image.

Edit the image to your own taste.  You'll be able to crop it, re-position it and add text to the front of your card. It's up to you but I tend to delete the text option for the front of the card and type my message inside.

personalised photo greetings card
personalised photo greetings card

Step 3: Editing your greeting

On the inside right page, select the middle text box and type your message.  If you want your text to be in the centre, you'll need to press 'enter' three times after your message.

If you're sending your card straight to your recipient, there is an option to add your own signature - just follow the on-screen instructions.

personalised photo greetings card
personalised photo greetings card

Step 4: Finishing touches

On the back cover click the camera icon to insert a photo - you could use the same image again (or add a photo of yourself!) Again, you've got the option of adding text. 

Step 5: Send to me or send to them

Completing your purchase is pretty straightforward.  You'll need to follow the onscreen prompts:

  1. (1) login or create an account
  2. (2) choose whether to 'send to me' or 'send to them'
  3. (3) enter the appropriate postal address

If your card is for a birthday will create a reminder for you for next year.

personalised photo greetings card
personalised photo greetings card

Until next time, happy flowers!


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