4 tips for the January sales

It’s time to stock up on your flower arranging supplies – and that means buying your fill of Christmas baubles for 2017.  Getting discounted supplies means you can be more generous with your displays next Christmas – from bauble enhanced door wreaths, table decorations, used as placing setting decorations and of course added to your tree.

1. Think on your feet

As with any sale you’re going to have to think on your feet.  Unless you’re really quick off the mark you’re not going to find any decorations in red. They’re so popular - being a safe, traditional buy - they often sell out well before Christmas.

2. Say no to the fruit

When I was in door wreath workshop overload a few years ago I decided to source next year’s supplies in the sales – and needless to say it wasn’t massively successful.  Dried goods such as orange slices, cinnamon sticks and lotus seedpod heads often sell out in early December.  If you do bag yourself some orange slice gold make sure you use them.  By this time next year their zesty orange zing will have been lost and you’ll be left with a dull mix of darkening, re-hydrating slices.

3. The colour of the year might not be for you

With regard to baubles, you’ll find them everywhere – from your supermarket to the DIY store. My only note of caution is not to commit yourself to fashion colours which are going to date before the year-end.  We raided the charity shops in the Christmas run-up for baubles for my little one’s Christmas tree and they were full of silvers and blues, so obviously that trend has passed.

In this vein I have a stash of deep, fuchsia pink baubles – some heart shaped, some mirror-balled and others flat snowflakes, because I couldn’t get hold of any red. I rolled these out at my following year’s workshops and not a single pink bauble was used. We are creatures of habit, it seems, when we celebrate our high days and holidays.


flower arranging what to buy in the January sales
flower arranging what to buy in the January sales

I was heartened therefore when I read that Alexandra at The Middle-Sized Garden was thinking pink for Christmas. While I’m not ready (yet) to celebrate with pastel pinks, I do like the warmth of the jewel pinks.  If a complete re-think is a step too far – mix in a few. They look great with purples and reds to create a really luxurious feel.  As far as tradition goes – throw caution to the wind, and settle on your own colour theme for next year. As when decorating your home, it’s about having the courage and conviction of your choices.  Use your sale-purchased baubles to give a lift to your favourite Christmas colour scheme, or go crazy and overhaul your look in one massive clean sweep.

4. Don’t forget your Christmas cards

As an aside, I highly recommend buying your Christmas cards in the January sales and packing them away on 6 January with your Christmas decorations. Make sure you load them into the loft last – so you can lay your hands on them easily, come November … as Farah from Georgie Baldwin says “buying in the sales is a perfect way to keep the costs down; you just need to remember two vital things, what you bought and where you put it!”

I’d love to hear about your sale buys – tell me more in the comments below.

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flower arranging what to buy in the January sales
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