Is flower arranging good for your mental health?

Whether you’re in full-time employment, are a busy parent or just have a hard time stepping away from routine, the very thought of taking some time out for yourself may seem like a pipe dream.

But the benefits of doing this for greater wellbeing, confidence and happiness is immense and one such past time, in fact, is flower arranging and the growing industry of back-to-basics flower workshops.

Rewind the clock ten years and flower arranging may have lost its way a little; the very thought of flower classes, to many, may have once conjured up thoughts of cold, and dreary community halls, tepid cups of tea and uninspiring, slightly wilted flowers.

Today, however, the industry has changed for the better and social media has had a lot to do with its reputation, thank goodness!

flower arranging and mental health
flower arranging and mental health

Long gone are the traditional arrangements, we’re now pushing the boundaries more than ever with flowers, and only by clicking on Instagram and Pinterest will you see that the opportunities really are endless and exciting.

But if you don’t make the time to put any new skills into practice, you’ll never move too far away from being what I fondly call the ‘cutter and plonker’ stage! No offense meant, in fact, many of my flower ladies have moved so far away from being one of these that during the online and offline training courses I offer, we fondly remember and smile sweetly at our former flower selves.

There is, of course, no end to the gorgeous array of blooms that can be created and which pop up on social media from all over the world, showcasing stunning displays of flowers with vibrant foliage, to fragrant flowers with seasonal blooms, and it’s thanks to these mass-media sites that have, at long last, given flowers the attention they truly deserve.

And flowers don’t just start and end in the home anymore – an increasing number of corporates are taking their teams on flower workshop days to promote bonding whilst doing something creative. Music to my ears!

flower arranging and mental health
flower arranging and mental health

And whether you’re a millennial wanting a boho effect for your first home, a busy mum looking for a sophisticated arrangement for a family gathering, or perhaps you run a community group and want to learn how to brighten up a public place up, flower workshops are the ideal place to start or refine your skill, and are good for mental health too.

With mixed anxiety and depression being one of the most common mental disorders in Britain and women being 40% more likely to suffer with mental health issues, it’s so important to take some time out and step off the conveyor belt of busy life.

Combining fine aromas with uplifting colours and an abundance of texture, flower arranging is a beautifully-calm and creative hobby that challenges the mind, but also promotes a sense of being closer to nature and the natural environment.

I believe that workshops and courses that teach and inspire anything can bring great value and promote good health in one form or another, so what are you waiting for? Go find your course or workshop that works just for you.

Until next time, happy flowers!


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