How to: winter bulbs

Now I’m no gardener, but I can work with potted hyacinths.  For me the trick with working with any plants or cut flowers is to “do” something with them.  A bunch of flowers bought with your weekly shop can just be chucked in a vase – but they’re always going to look like they’ve just been chucked in a vase.

A few days ago I was lucky enough to be the recipient of three pots of hyacinths.  Actually, the gift wasn’t intended for me – I was given them to pass on, which I did, and then hastily reclaimed as I needed them for some photography practice …

In the spirit of giving and receiving I’d like to pass on a few tips next time you get gifted a plant:

  1. Don’t leave it in it’s wrapping – in the case of my hyacinths these were black plastic pots. I’d suggest putting them in a dressier pot, to give them a ceramic lift.
  2. For me, they look even better re-planted and given a surface dressing of moss.

Personally, I prefer hyacinths in their early stages of development when the buds are just forming.  When grown inside they shoot off towards the light and then lollop off sideways – just as this is starting to happen I push in what a gardener would call a few “pea sticks” (twigs), to give the heavy heads a bit of support.

P1080702 (480x640)

P1080704 (480x640)

P1080711 (480x640)

P1080721 (480x640)

Why not have a go and let me know how you get on.

Until next time, happy flowers!

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