Fake flowers: are they really that bad?

Are fake flowers really that bad? I’ve always steered away from them, but when I decided my office space needed a bit of a lift I thought I’d road test a couple of stems and see how I got on.

Do you hate fake?

Mention the words fake flowers and my toes curl.  I have a box of fakes - or perhaps I should more politely call them silk flowers up in the loft.  They were given to me by some friends at flower club to use at my afterschool flower arranging club.  I dig them out when we don’t have fresh flowers to work with. The children love them. I think they’re drawn to the garish colours. The less than natural look seems to engage them, rather than making them close their eyes in shock.


Perhaps this kitsch quality rocks your boat.  I can see it now – in a few years I’ll be regretting no longer having my box of silks, wishing I’d savoured their vintage charm. 

Work-a-day flowers

I’ve recently revamped my workspace at home. The computer has been moved away from the window so my desk space is no longer bathed with natural light.  In truth I’ve never had fresh flowers on my desk. And I’m not a lover of houseplants.  I prefer enjoying my flowers in the rooms I relax in at home - and - spilt water and electric cables doesn’t seem like a good mix.

Fake flowers are they really that bad
Fake flowers are they really that bad

Faking it

I don’t know what came over me recently but I actually went in search of some fake flowers to brighten up my dark office corner.  They seem to be on trend at the moment and practically every shop I went into had a vast range of flowers to choose from.

I decided to go big and bought two huge monstera leaves and a single head of hydrangea. Both look fabulous.  The big leaves will need dusting from time to time and the hydrangea shaking to keep it looking top notch.

Check out this video where I show you how I arranged my two big leaves.

Asking for a friend

Before I bought my flowers I did what all sensible people do these days and turned to social media for advice.  To my surprise I found even the keenest of my flowery friends admitted to having silk flowers stashed at home.  Although, this was couched in terms of having them on standby to mix with fresh flowers to fill out a vase.

My advice?

I’m amazed to say I’m really pleased with my recent purchases.  My unflowery friends have stopped and admired them. If you’re thinking of buying in the future I’d suggest you make sure you're happy with the quality/consistency with their real life mates, and buy the most expense stems you can afford.  And, out of personal preference I’d keep your flowers seasonal – have a box of sweet peas saved for the summer and poinsettia blooms for Christmas.

What’s your opinion?

I’d love to hear what your views are on fake flowers – leave me a comment below and let’s get talking!

Until next time, happy flowers!


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