DIY: cranberry bird feeder

My New Year’s cards have been sent and my Christmas decorations have been packed away.  All that’s left of the festive season is a bag of fresh cranberries, which never got made into cranberry sauce.

This is a great DIY for any surplus berries you may have.  It’ll brighten up your garden – I’ve hung mine just outside my kitchen window – and the birds will love you.

DIY: cranberry bird feeder

  1. Put on an apron.  Some of my cranberries had gone a bit mushy, so you’ll need something to wipe your hands on. DIY_cranberries
  2. Using floristry wire (on the reel) thread on your cranberries.  My one bag – after discards – made about a 1m length of cranberry chain.  If I’d done this before Christmas it would have made a great bit of natural tinsel for the Christmas tree.  You could use popcorn as well. DIY_cranberries
  3. When you’ve finished you’ll need to wrap the cranberries into a ball.   Start from the end you’ve been threading them onto.  It’s the same action you’d use if you were winding up a ball of wool.  When you’re done, continue over-wrapping with the wire still attached to your reel to hold everything in place.  Cranberries 4(640x480)
  4. Leave sufficient wire to let your cranberry ball hang down and then attach it to a handy branch outside. Cranberries 5(640x480)

I’d love to hear how you get on – leave me a comment below.

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