Creating a simple Christmas door wreath

Are you counting down the days to Christmas? Have you got a vague idea who else you need to shop for and decided where you’re going to spend the big day – and therefore whether you are let off/or are carrying the catering burden.  My Christmas countdown is door wreath shaped.

Make your own Christmas door wreath

It’s never too late to decorate your door and in doing so provide your guests with a warm welcome over the festive season.  You might decide to buy a pre-made wreath from your florist or farmer’s market – or you could make your own.

This week I spent a few hours with Alexandra Campbell from the Middle-Sized Garden discussing what would and what wouldn’t make good a good wreath from the garden.  In the end we decided to tackle two jobs in one by cutting back the climbing plants that were swamping the pergola at the end of Alexandra’s garden. We twisted these trails round to create a really natural door wreath, which Alexandra then strung with fairy lights.

This is wreath making at its simplest.  A really pared back look, which will look equally as good hung on your front door or the garden shed.  I rather like the idea of hanging this sort of wreath indoors – either over a door knob, or to temporarily replace a picture on your wall.

creating your own simple Christmas door wreath
creating your own simple Christmas door wreath

Step by step

The starting point for this style of wreath is long lengths of flexible stems.  Here I’m using willow. 

  1. Holding the woody end in one hand, circle the flexible end round with the other hand and place it back into your hand that’s doing the holding.  Weave the tip in and out of the hoop you’ve created. 
  2. If your willow starts to ping off in all directions you can tie it in as you go. I like using paper covered wire for this – as you can twist together one handed, rather than trying a conventional knot with string (which needs two hands). 
  3. Put the woody end of your next piece of willow into your hand and with your free hand weave it in and out.
  4. Keep adding in more willow until you run out, or get the look you’re after. Keep it narrow and lightweight, or go for a more substantial base.

Like Alexandra you could keep your twiggy wreath unadorned – or add in evergreen foliage from your garden.

While we were talking Alexandra filmed this short video – you can admire my Christmas jumper and tour Alexandra’s garden at the same time!

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creating your own simple Christmas door wreath
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