Christmas door wreath with bows (or without)?

Have you hung your Christmas door wreath on your front door? I’m coming to the end of my Christmas door wreath workshop season – and, without fail I always get asked two questions. When should you hang your wreath on your door and should you add a bow?

As with all the big questions I went to the straight to the internet, and then social media.  After typing in the search “should my Christmas door wreath have a bow” wasn’t very helpful.  There was plenty of advice about how to make Christmas bows - if you’re curious on this count take a look at my 12 days of Christmas video on bow making.

So, I tried “where should I place the bow on my Christmas door wreath” and came across Holly’s site

Holly says she hung her wreaths right after Thanksgiving and by instinct fastened large red bows to the bottom of her Christmas wreaths. She explains she prefers the visual weight of the wreath to be on the bottom, and also likes the way that the ribbon trails down. However, other members of her family had different views and felt it was more traditional to place the bow at the top of the wreath. 

I’ve gone back over my Christmas door wreath making archives to see what the trends have been over the past few years.  Bows seem to have gone out of favour – or perhaps they’re considered too fiddly to make …

Christmas door wreaths with no bows

Christmas door wreaths with no bows have an air of elegant simplicity, with the decorative pine cones and so on taking a starring role. Not adding a bow really showcases the individual ingredients that have been used to create your door wreath – with no distracting loops of ribbon.

Christmas door wreath bows
Christmas door wreath bows

Christmas door wreaths with bows to the top

If you love a bow on your Christmas door wreath where do you position it? If you’re hanging your door wreath from a length of ribbon, finishing off with a flamboyant bow makes practical and decorative sense. If you feel your ribbon tails are covering up too much of your handiwork – or obscure your house number – you always have the option of cutting them shorter.

Christmas door wreath bows
Christmas door wreath bows

Christmas door wreaths with bows to the bottom

Or do you prefer your bow at the bottom?  As Holly says above, adding a bow to the base of your Christmas door wreath adds visual weight – seating it comfortably against the backdrop of your door.  Just make sure your ribbon tails don’t get in the way of your letter box.  Again, you can always reduce them in length

Christmas door wreath bows
Christmas door wreath bows

How to hang your Christmas door wreath

Not quite sure how to hang your door wreath?  Take a look at this video – it’s my most watched on YouTube to date.


So, to bow or not to bow?

The consensus on social media is that bows are going out of fashion with two-thirds preferring to their door wreaths not to have a bow. As with all things Christmas it’s about personal preference and the traditions in your family.

I’d love to hear whether you add bows to your Christmas door wreath, and if you do, where – do leave me a comment below.

Until next time, happy flowers!


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Christmas door wreath bows
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