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While Mother’s Day is a happy time to be cherished with loved ones – life isn’t the same for everyone.  This last week I’ve been reading about women who’ve lost their mums too soon, and others who’ve never had the chance (or wanted) to become a parent. So while the rest of the country has been sticking and gluing in the run up to the weekend, others are putting on a brave face and steering clear of the card aisle.

Two great blogs

Warming to my theme of motherhood I’ve come across two great blogs recently.  One is written by a friend of a friend and another by an inspirational business women I’ve heard speak at a couple of events I’ve been to recently.  They are a snapshot of the busy lives we lead today – the bits of life that we all have in common – but with fabulous irony and comic timing.

Not guilty

I read a lot about women feeling guilty as mothers. As a small business owner I’m also intrigued to hear how other businesses have evolved and the stories they have to tell.  To feel successful do I really have to burden myself with guilty-mum syndrome?  Is it ok to say that as a mother and business women I don’t feel guilty?  Surely it’s possible to be committed to your family and strive for business success without guilt.

I’m not entirely sure what I need to be guilty about.  As a family we manage to get dressed and out of the house in the morning, eat three meals a day, and spend time together in the evenings. Having just one child and being an older mum might put things in perspective.   I’ve had my years of wild socialising.  Relaunching my business coincided with my daughter starting school, and frankly I couldn’t (and didn’t want to) continue a fast pace of life and have to get up in the morning and function as a responsible adult.

Celebrating the individual

I’m all for celebrating the individual – so here’s my tick list for a perfect (mother’s) day:

  1. Have a lie in – but not at the expense of cuddles
  2. Spend the day doing something you love – even better if the people you love jump on board too

… and if you’re buying flowers for your mum (or that other significant lady in your life) this week don’t forget to amaze her with your hints and tips for getting her flowers to last longer.  Sign up here and I’ll drip feed you one email tip a day for five days.  She’ll be amazed!



Ooohh did I tell you that I’m a Kent Women in Business Awards 2016 finalist – wish me luck!


Keeping in touch







Until next time, happy flowers!

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