The Bee Box


It was my birthday earlier in the month and I received some amazing gifts.  One of these was The Bee Box – it was so lovely I packed it away, so I could saviour it again at a quieter time.

First off the packaging is gorgeous. Just a brown cardboard box.  For me so reminiscent of birthday’s past when gifts from great Aunties came wrapped in brown paper, fastened with string. Only this time there was the added thrill of baker’s twine and a proper wax seal.  Such joy!

Inside, every item was wrapped in a honeycomb array of beautiful paper packaging.  Such a delight to open - as you can see from the fantastic photos by Holly Booth Photography.

This was the perfect gift for me (thank you Lydia) – something flower related, but different.  An endorsement of the message that the flowers I love won’t bloom without bees. As soon as I had a minute I looked up Rosebud Casson to find out more about her and The Bee Box.

Rosebud told me all of the products featured in the box have been exclusively designed by her, and manufactured by small independent UK companies – with 20% of every sale going to Friends of the Earth to help with the Great British Bee Count.


So where does this interest in bees come from?

Rosebud told me that since she was a kid she’s always been fascinated by the natural world and wanted to do something to help the decline in the bee population.  She loves bees. “They are just so awesome”, she tells me, “they’re fuzzy and their wings are far too big for their body, which frankly, makes them look cute as hell!”

And the serious message?

Rosebud went on to remind me that bees play an essential role in the eco-system of our planet, with a third of our food depending on pollination from bees. And, according to recent studies, the UK alone has already lost a staggering 20 species of bees, and a further quarter are on the list of endangered species.

Are you tempted by The Bee Box?

If you’d like to support this great cause and get some fab stuff then please do order your own Bee Box.  Inside every box you’ll get:

  • 1 x bee species chart
  • 2 x blower species post cards
  • 1 x flower species chart
  • 1 x Ernie the bee pocket mirror
  • 1 x bee mix seed balls tin from seedballs
  • 1 x engraved wooden bee pin
  • 1 x bee necklace

Inspired to celebrate the bee by buying some flowers?

If you’re buying flowers this week don’t forget you can amaze your friends with your knowledge about getting your flowers to last longer.  Sign up here and I’ll drip feed you one email tip a day for five days.  They’ll be amazed!

Until next time, happy flowers!

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