Arranging ranunculus in 4 easy steps

What do you do with your ranunculus to get the most enjoyment out of your flowers? A couple of weeks ago I bought some lovely ranunculus at my local street market – five bunches for £4 – in a variety of shades of pink.  Here’s my 4-point plan for enjoying your own ranunculus.

1.In a vase

Re-cut the stems of your flowers when you get them home and arrange them casually in a simple glass vase – place them on your kitchen table to enjoy at breakfast time.

2.In your living room

A couple of days later I’d suggest you re-cut your stems and rinse out your vase and add fresh water.  Throw away any of your flowers that are starting to fade.  I’d pick out a couple, of your favourite blooms and showcase them in a bud vase.

Choose a vase with a small opening and a neck that’s long enough to support your flower’s stem, so they don’t fall over to one side.  If you’ve got several bud vases, the more the merrier. They don’t need to match.  Group them together in a line along your mantelpiece.

Arranging ranunculus
Arranging ranunculus

3.DIY terrarium

As your ranunculus mature your flower heads will really open out, becoming almost pom-pom like.  Just before they’re about to shatter how about cutting them really, really short and creating a terrarium style arrangement?

Terrariums are really fashionable at the moment. Encasing your flowers in glass really brings them under the spotlight. Drawing your eye in, so you really notice their delicate petals.

All you need for a terrarium arrangement are three ingredients:

  1. Large glass jar
  2. Moss – from your garden path, not the wild
  3. A few really short ranunculus

What to do

Cover the base of your jar with moss, and add some water.  Nestle a few of your flower heads into the moss – leaving some of the moss exposed.  I sprinkled a few faux birds eggs into my jar to continue the spring vibe.

Arranging ranunculus
Arranging ranunculus

Birds on a perch

If like me you’ve got a severe case of Easter chick overload how about creating a hanging perch for them to sit on and suspend from the neck of your jar. Check out this video which will take you through what you need to do.  It was filmed as a Facebook Live – if you’d like to see more videos like this you can join my closed Facebook Group FlowerStart World.

4.Off with their heads

One stop before the compost heap you should cut your ranunculus so their heads will lie flat on a dish. Add some seasonal accessories – and get your Instagram on!

I’d love to hear how you style and restyle your flowers.  Do leave me a comment below.

Until next time, happy flowers!




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Arranging ranunculus
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