Are you a Mumpreneur?

Mumpreneur: a mother who runs her own business.  It sounds like a great idea doesn’t it? Mixing family life and working for yourself. But where to start?

If the idea of setting up your own business has been running through your head then you need to be committing pen to paper and bouncing around your ideas with friends and family.  This can be such a difficult thing to do if you have no experience of working for yourself.

If this is a problem for you, you ought to take a look at Debbie Gilbert’s new book The Successful Mumpreneur. You might be wondering why I‘m recommending Debbie’s book as a useful resource.  In part it’s because I’m featured as a case study (p.181 if you’re asking) but that’s not the only reason.

I’m pretty amazed that my story made it into the final edit.  I don’t even remember where I saw Debbie’s shout out for Mums to share their stories.  However I was a member of the Mums UnLtd networking group here in Kent. When I attended it was run by Sue Quigley from the Healing Circle and is now hosted in Whitstable by Catherine Chapman.

The Successful Mumpreneur
The Successful Mumpreneur

I loved meeting with other Mums in business. I felt much more comfortable than I had in some of the other networking groups I’d tried. And as a result, I responded to Debbie’s call for experiences of being a Mumpreneur several months ago. Then, out of the blue I got an email from Debbie asking whether I wanted to update my story - and the next thing I knew it was there. In print.

When I got my copy of the book, I must admit I took delight in quoting myself out loud to my husband - aka - he who thinks I don’t appreciate what he does for me behind the scenes. In fact I reckon I’ll get that page copied and laminated to leave in places where it’ll grab his attention!

One evening last week I sat down to read the rest of Debbie’s book – I skimmed over some bits that weren’t relevant to me (franchises and alike).  What grabbed my attention was the foreword.  I was a bit confused at first – until I realised it was written by one of Debbie’s sons – shouting loud and proud about his Mum.

Debbie has split her book down in manageable chucks. It’s easy to read and has lots of case studies throughout. These are the stories from real Mums who’ve set up their businesses in recent years – sharing their pitfalls and successes along the way.

The Successful Mumpreneur
The Successful Mumpreneur

If you’re new to business or are thinking out setting up on your own I reckon Debbie’s book is a good place to start for some no-nonsense advice of what to think about before you take the plunge, and how to make the running of your business easier on yourself.

You can buy a copy of your book here.

Debbie’s book has also been reviewed in the Daily Express. You can read Carol Ann Rice’s column here.

If you’re a Mumpreneur like me I’d love to hear your story – tell me about it in the comments below.

Until next time, happy flowers!


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