5 tips for picking your own flowers

It was all go here at half term the other week.  First we went to a PYO pumpkin farm and then to a PYO flowers event at Blooming Green, here in Kent.  It got me thinking that while picking pumpkins is all about size, picking your own flowers involves a bit more thought.

This was my second visit to Blooming Green. The first time was in the spring three years ago.  You can read about my spring flower picking experience here.

Much like doing a supermarket dash you need to rely on the same principles when you’re picking from the field.  Of course, there is a balance to be reached between enjoying a good morning out and overthinking your picking to the point of not enjoying yourself!

Here are 5 tips to get your started.

arranging flowers in autumn
arranging flowers in autumn

How much is it going to cost?

We paid £15 and were given a pair of scissors and a cylindrical florist’s bucket to put our pickings in.  The opening to the bucket was about 10cm in diameter.  Not huge – but we were told we’d probably be able to fit 50 stems in it, without crushing our flowers.

Limit your colour palette

Being let loose in the picking field is akin to having free reign in the sweetie shop as a child. It’s tempting to pick one of everything. There’s no harm in this – but it’ll result in a rather uncoordinated look in your vase once you get your flowers home.

I’d suggest walking through cutting patch first to see what’s available.  There were some lovely dahlias at Blooming Green. I decided to work my colour theme around them and went for a rich autumnal range of colours in reds and purples.

You’ll need to repeat your colour mantra to yourself as you start picking.  It’s so tempting to think “ooh, I’ll add this, and pick that”.  On the other hand … they’re your flowers, do what pleases you.

arranging flowers in autumn
arranging flowers in autumn

Cut long

My preference is to always cut long.  Go right to the base of your flower stem and pick from there.  It’ll give you more flexibility in terms of arranging your flowers once you get them home.  Keep them long, or trim them right down in length.

Take a look at this video showing how I cut my flowers to different lengths to create fabulous seasonal autumn arrangement.


Think about your ‘wow’

If you’ve completed #FlowerStart my online flower arranging class you’ll be familiar with selecting your ‘wow’ flower.  In any flower arrangement you need to decide which flower is going to be the most eye-catching – this is your ‘wow’ flower. You might decide to have one, or two or three, to make your vase really eye catching.

Cut and repeat

Rather than going for one of everything, pick several stems of each flower you decide to pick.  That way your individual flowers won’t be lost in your vase.  Instead, by being grouped together they’ll have more impact.

Do you really need to follow the rules?

Whether you decide to follow these rules, or not, it’s up to you.  Picking and arranging flowers is all about having fun, being outdoors and reconnecting with nature.  Take your time. Enjoy it and don’t feel that you have to follow a set recipe for your flower arranging.

I’d love to hear your recommendations for PYO flower farms near you.  If you have friends and family in Kent why not share this post with them, so they can share in the flowery fun at Blooming Green next year.

Until next time, happy flowers!



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arranging flowers in autumn
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