5 tips for arranging a bunch of flowers

Are you buying flowers this week? Will you be “cutting and plonking”, or getting creative, with a more stylish display?

Cutting and plonking can be an effective way of displaying your flowers. All you need to do is decide whether you’re going to display your flowers in one large vase or go smaller.


1. Arrange your flowers in small vases

If you’re buying a bunch of flowers this week, arranging them in small vases will make them go further. This way you’ll end up with lots of vases which can be grouped together for impact, or scattered around on your surfaces at home.


2. Deconstructing your bunch of flowers

Rather than arranging mini-versions of your big bouquet – with a bit of everything in each of your vases – try sorting your bunch out into its separate components like, with like, and arranging these in their own containers. For instance, if you’re buying a supermarket bunch you could have separate vases of alstroemeria, chrysanthemums, carnations and roses.


3. Long stems or short?

You can either cut your flower stems short, so their heads hover just above the rim of your vase, or let them come up higher. Either way you need to make sure that your flowers aren’t top heavy and somersault their way out of your vase! The trick here is to make sure your stems reach down to the bottom of your vase, to counter-balance the weight of their heads.



4. Adding a twist

For a stylish twist, how about tying your flowers together in a bundle with a ribbon. Let them fall to one side of your vase at a jaunty angle. Just make sure the ribbon trails run down the outside of your vase, rather than dangling inside and getting wet.



5. Garden flowers

Using small vases is a great way of displaying flowers from your garden, which often have shorter stems that commercially grown blooms. Keep a series of mismatched vases on your kitchen window sill for displaying prized specimens or garden casualties.



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