5 stylish ways to decorate over the festive season

Are you looking for some inexpensive, but stylish ways to decorate over the festive season? Perhaps you’re fed up with rolling out the same look year after year and want to do something different this year – without spending a fortune?

I’ve been taking part in the #vlogmas challenge – which the Urban Dictionary tells me is a Christmas celebration that mainly Youtubers participate in by vlogging (video blogging) every day until Christmas.

I couldn’t commit to vlogging every day. So I gave myself a 12 days of Christmas challenge – sharing handy hints on decorating your home with flowers (and other natural materials) in stylish, in expensive ways. You can watch my whole #vlogmas series here.

Before you head off to YouTube I’ve got five ideas for you using bits and pieces you’ve probably already got at home.

1. Styling a Christmas vase

I love a charity shop and cannot resist taking a regular rotation around town seeing what’s new in – and joy of joys – visiting charity shops when I’m out and about, away from home.

I’m particularly fond of 1930s glazed boat-shaped vases. They’re great for planting indoor flowering spring bulbs and as dishes to display pine cones and alike – as well as for using conventionally for flower arranging.

How about a twist this year and pack out your vase with moss – from your garden – and going for a Nordic-inspired minimalist look? Adding a selection of Christmas baubles will add a bit of festive pizazz.  To stop them rolling of your mossy surface, I recommend gluing them onto kebab sticks – check out this video for more details.

If you haven’t got a vintage vase to hand you could create the same effect using your gravy boat.

stylish ways to decorate over the festive season
stylish ways to decorate over the festive season

2. Brown paper packages tied up with string

As children we used to laugh at my Dad.  He always wrapped my Mum’s presents using pages from the colour supplements in the weekend papers. Now, years later, I’m now saving the paper wrappings from my supermarket flowers and re-using them to wrap my gifts.

Reducing, reusing and recycling really resonates with me - especially when you read how many 1000s of miles of wrapping paper are bought each year. Trimming your gifts with ribbon or baker’s twine will give them an up to the minute look – and they can be further embellished with trimmings from your garden. Bay and conifer made lovely scented details.

3. Setting your table

In much the same way as you can ramp up your gift wrapping in the style stakes, you can do the same for your napkins when you set your table for festive dinner.

Whether you favour cloth of quality paper napkins you can personalise them by trimming them with twine or ribbon and adding a decorative flourish from your garden.

Layering up your table settings – with a short stack made of up a place mat, dinner and side plates - makes for a really eye-catching display. Just make sure you’ve got your knives and forks correctly positioned.  If you need a reminder in cutlery etiquette check out this video.

stylish ways to decorate over the festive season
stylish ways to decorate over the festive season

4. Forgotten your door wreath?

If the thought of making your own door wreath is a step too far – how about scaling things back and adding a sprig of greenery to an embroidery hoop?  This mini wreath could be hung up indoors, and even be used to replace a picture on your wall through the festive season.

If something bigger and bolder is more your thing, but you’ve only got a squashed artificial wreath that’s looking a bit lack lustre how about adding some additional greenery from your garden to create a more luxurious wreath?

Adding additional greenery – bay, berried ivy and conifer – will give your fake wreath more oomph. And because its branches are wired it’s simply a master of twist-tying your additional greenery in place.

For a better understanding of the technique I used check out this video.

5. Add candlelight

A bit of candlelight is a great way of creating some festive hygge. You can keep things sleek and streamlined by using clear glass bottles as candlestick holders. Alternately you could adorn your candles with circlets of bindweed and ivy trails from your garden.

A word of warning … you should never leave a naked flame unattended. Out of preference I light battery operated wax candles, which means your garden greenery won’t be at risk of catching alight.

You can watch how a made my coiled nests to sit my candles in here.

stylish ways to decorate over the festive season
stylish ways to decorate over the festive season

Until next time, happy flowers!


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stylish ways to decorate over the festive season
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