3 tips for choosing flowers

Whether its flowers for the weekend, or flowers for a special occasion there are three things you’ll need to think about before you commit to buying.  It’s all about budget, the what and colour.

Can you afford them?

The first thing to think about is your budget. If you’re adding a bunch of flowers to your supermarket shop you’d be hard pressed to spend more than £20 and are probably more likely to choose at bunch of flowers in the £10-£15 range – which won’t break the bank.

However, if you  want to make a special effort with your flowers to enjoy at home – or for a special occasion – you need to think how much you can afford.  Walking into your local florist is a bit like being start-struck when as a child you went to the sweet shop to spend your ‘Saturday-Money’ – we never called it pocket money when I was little!  Spoilt for choice you need to keep a tally of the costs as you add another stem to your bouquet.

There’s no shame in naming your budget. That way you and your florist will know exactly where you’re coming from.  If you’re anything like me perhaps you don’t know what your budget is. Often it isn’t until I’ve got a ballpark figure of likely costs against my dream purchase that that funny thing inside my brain whirrs into action.  Do I think this is value for money?  Is it the same for you?

Buying cheapest isn’t always best.  If you place value on getting that dream look, then it’ll be worth  spending that bit more.

arranging_gerberaWhat are the flowers for?

Would you buy the same flowers for your Granny as you would for you? Of course, with the vintage vibe that’s in fashion at the moment you might do.  However, it’s probably more likely that you’d choose easy care/robust flowers for your Gran so that they’ll last a bit longer in her overheated living room and let yourself go in a sea of your favourite blooms when you’re spoiling yourself.

I suggest you have in mind the occasion (or person) you’re buying for, rather than always sticking to your own personal favourites.

Think about colour

When in doubt you might find it easiest to stick to one colour.

Buy every flower you can find in your favourite colour, rather than going for a splatter of mixed colours.  If you’re thinking pink go from the lightest/whitest shades through to mid-pink and the darker shades and you’ll find that your flowers have an effortless harmony.


Buying flowers this week?

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