3 reasons to think pink

Why pink?  I’ve been looking through my Pinterest boards and discovered that I have 136 pins of pink flowers and pink isn’t even my favorite colour!

If red roses are a symbol of love – then what do pink roses symbolise?  Apparently you should choose deep pink to show appreciation and as a thank you. Mid-pink for congratulations or to cheer up a friend going through a rough patch whether due to illness or grief and light pink roses to express your gentleness and appreciation. I’m not sure whether these meanings translate to other flowers (but I like to think they do).

One of the best bits about my job is that I get to buy flowers all the time. Sometimes I leave my samples behind for the visitors at the venues I teach at to enjoy.  Other days I bring them home or gift them to friends.  This week it’s been a riot of pink.

I’d love to hear about your favourite coloured flowers and whether you’ve ever thought about the secret messages your flowers are keeping.

Pink Hyacinths
Pink tulips
Pink roses

Are you fed up with dead flowers?

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