3 reasons to take a class

Do you ever get to that stage when life is falling a bit flat and you don’t know how to pull yourself out of it? I felt like that after the festive season.  My whole family came down with the lurgy and our weekends were passing in a blur of sleep and screen time.

Something to look forward to

I’ve recently signed up to the Betty magazine newsletter. If you’re anything like me you sign up to stuff and there’s so much going on in your inbox that you get happy with the delete button.  For some reason Betty’s ‘Monday Motivator’ caught my eye. I opened it – and guess what, the Charlotte was hosting a workshop at Mar Mar Margate the following Sunday.

Over the years I’ve notice lots of mentions of Betty Magazine on social media. I love the beautiful photos that are posted and if I’m honest I’ve been a little bit envious of the glamour and the fact that I haven’t been able to be part of the action. I was so excited to come across a workshop that was local to me – so I jumped at the chance.

A quick email to Charlotte to confirm a query and I’d booked myself a place.

It wasn’t until I’d taken the plunge that the relief at getting myself out of my fug became so apparent.

flower class
flower class

A chance to meet new friends

As ever I arrived early – I can’t break this habit – so time was killed at the Turner Contemporary. I’m still looking for a scarf made by One Hundred Stars which I bought at the gallery in the summer.  And then promptly lost. It must have been popular – because it seems to have sold out everywhere.

Charlotte was really welcoming and introduced us to favourite florist Harriet Parry and the talented Heather Orr. The plan for the afternoon was to make flower crowns and macramé wall hangings.  To start with we we were served flower embellished glasses of fizz – with yummy cupcakes for afternoon tea.

Learn some fun new skills

Its years since I’ve done any macramé. In fact, I must have been about 10 when I made my Granny an owl wall hanging.  Instead of using string Heather had cut us pre-measured length of jersey yarn – like chopped up lengths of T-shirt.  It was really soft to work with.  I stuck with the basic macramé knot – although others were more ambitious with their handiwork.

flower class
flower class

After cake we swapped activities and I finished the afternoon wiring and taping my own flower crown.  I love making flowers crowns. I don’t think they suit me – so I hung mine on the wall when I got home.

I came home pleased as punch with my handiwork – and the goody bag Charlotte had organised.

So, if you’re feeling down in the dumps I’d recommend you take a class - whether it’s flowers or not.

It’ll be:

  1. something to look forward to,
  2. a chance to meet new friends; and you’ll
  3. learn some fun new skills.

Until next time, happy flowers!


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flower class
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