#FlowerStart – online flower class

Are you too busy to commit to a flower arranging evening class? If so, would you like to find out more about #FlowerStart my 4-week online flower arranging class?

This year I’m offering #FlowerStart as a fully supported or self-guided course. It has proven results for women like you who don’t have the time to commit to a regular evening class.

If you'd like to find out more about this course click here.

Amaze your friends

Maybe you want to amaze your friends with your creativity – or perhaps carve out some me-time for yourself.

Week by week

Week by week I’ll take you through the process of deciding what flowers to buy, the best place to display them in your home and much, much more.

Each Friday we’ll create an arrangement together - via a mix of photo-tutorials and videos - from a stylish arrangement in a straight-sided vase, to an arrangement in a vintage tea cup and saucer, through to a casual country-style arrangement of flowers in a jug, and a tied posy you could gift to a friend.

This course will be delivered to your inbox in bite-sized chunks three times a week, meaning you can work through the classes at a time to suit you. I’ll be on hand throughout to give you support and encouragement through a dedicated Facebook group.

Imagine where you could be in 4-weeks’ time …

You’ll have set aside valuable time to invest in you – and, you’ll have developed the skills and confidence to arrange flowers to enjoy at home, or gift to friends.

If your flower confidence and skills are holding you back, I can help you.

A home with flowers is a happy home

Don’t take my word for it – check out some of the comments from the 50 women who’ve worked joined the #FlowerStart community over the last three years.


online flower arranging class
online flower arranging class

#FlowerStart is right for you if one or more of the following applies to you:

  • you love having flowers at home
  • your flowers always seem to die quickly
  • you’re a Mum who’s too busy to sign up to a regular evening class
  • you’re scared of arranging flowers the wrong way
  • you work full time and don’t have the energy to commit to a regular evening class
  • your vases always end up with stinky, dirty water in them
  • you think you haven’t got a creative bone in your body
  • your children have left home and you want to explore a new hobby
  • you used to arrange flowers and need a reminder about the basics
  • you want to enjoy having flowers at home but feel something’s stopping you
  • you’ve been asked to do the flowers for a family event and that scares you

By the end of the course you’ll be able to:


  • confidently get creative with flowers
  • be able to make your flower budget work for you
  • speak the lingo – and be able to talk more confidently about flowers
  • discover how to get your flowers to last longer
  • appreciate how colour and texture can take your flowers to another level
  • understand what makes an appealing arrangement of flowers
  • discover the benefits of adding greenery to your flowers
  • correctly use and soak flower foam
  • develop your confidence in making small, and larger scale arrangements
  • find the happy place for your flowers
  • and be able to buy and gift flowers with confidence



If you'd like to find out more about this course click here.

When does the course start?

The beauty of #FlowerStart is that its flexible around you.  Once you’ve booked your place class starts the following Monday – when you actually work through the lessons is entirely up to you.

How long do I have access to the course materials?

You’ll have lifetime access – all you need to do is save your emails – and/or print out the accompanying PDF downloads/workbooks to refer back to.

What if I have questions?

This course is fully supported.  Ask your questions in our special Facebook group – or email me. Please note: this does not apply to the self-guided option.


Due to the low price of this course no refunds are offered

What format is the content delivered in?

#FlowerStart is delivered by email, with video links and PDF downloads.

And the cost?

#FlowerStart is exceptional value at £159 – however, a self-guided version of this course is available for £79.

Please note: booking the self-guided option means you’ll have no personal interaction with me, or feedback on the challenges/tasks I set you.

Email me at julie@juliedaviesflowerworkshops.co.uk and I’ll invoice you for payment.


online flower arranging class
online flower arranging class

If your flower confidence and skills are holding you back, I can help you

In 4-weeks time you’ll be able to:

  1. create a stylish arrangement in a straight-sided vase
  2. design an arrangement in a vintage tea cup and saucer
  3. arrange flowers in a country-style jug
  4. make your own hand tied posy

+ be part of a special Facebook group with like-minded women

+ 4 practical flower arranging tasks

+ photo tutorials – how-to guides for four flower arranging projects with PDF downloads to keep

+ worksheets to assess your arrangements and prompt discussion on the mini-tasks/challenges you’ll be set

+ access to 29 videos (filmed in bite-sized chunks – no video is more than 15 minutes long) – total viewing time 2 hours 30 minutes

+ this course is delivered via three emails a week for four weeks

If you'd like to find out more about this course click here


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