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Have you found your ‘happy’ with flowers? Last week I blogged the story about why I sign off my emails “happy flowers!” and shared with you a training programme I’ve enrolled on to take creativity to our older communities in Kent in a bid to get creative – get social – and share memories as a way of taking steps towards improving wellbeing.

This week I’ve been thinking about the work place. After all, full time workers in the UK, work on average 42.7 hours a week – which seems to be a crazy number of hours!  No wonder so many of us feel utterly exhausted with our day to day lives.

It seems to me we have two options. Firstly, to keep on keeping on; and secondly to invest in a bit more me time and try and refocus our energies so we don’t get burnt out.

An article popped out at me on the internet the other day.  Basically, it was saying that as well as getting the right work-life balance to avoid stress at work, that sometimes taking time out with a shared experience can be enough to recharge our batteries and refocus our energy. Furthermore, if your employer invests in providing this period of rest and reflection, they’ll reap the rewards in terms of having a workforce that feels more valued and receptive to new ideas.

This crossover between time out – creativity – and renewed energy and focus is something the busy working people who come to my classes are becoming more and more aware of. Once again it’s flowers (and creativity) to the rescue!


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