Tools of the trade

What’s in your flower arranging tool box?  For starters I’ve got two pairs of scissors, secateurs, and two knives.


Why two pairs of scissors?  Well I suppose it’s always reassuring to have a spare, but actually one pair cuts better than the other.  Want to know which one?  It’s the expensive ones.  With their distinctive yellow handles both sets are made by Oasis and have a groove at the end for cutting stub wires.  The ones with the curvier handles (on the left) are more heavy duty.


Just look at the second pair.  These seem to need tightening* every time I put them down.  When I started flower arranging ten years ago I just used a pair of kitchen scissors.  Did you know that if you cut bulky flower stems with regular scissors, the metalwork just sort of collapses and buckles in your hand?

Top tip:  buy scissors designed for the job!


Just the one pair of secateurs, my super-slicing red handled Felcos.  These were a Christmas present last year.  My husband was fed-up with me borrowing his, and not quite putting them back in the right place …


Two knives?  That’s easy.  One to cut your flower stems in a single-clean-slicing movement and the second to cut and shape your floral foam.  At the moment some charity shop finds are my chamfering knives of choice. Forsaking dinner party etiquette, they also double up as a screw driver – see above*







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