Swazi’s FlowerStart story

How are your New Year’s resolutions going?  If you’re in a bit of a slump I’m sure you’re going to find Swazi Rodgers’ flower arranging story will be just what you need to fight the January blues.  Swazi is one busy lady. I’m a huge fan of her blog chocolate is not the only fruit.

Over the last few months I’ve been getting to know Swazi online – it’s so lovely having her as part of the #FlowerStart community.  Swazi’s agreed to make time in her busy schedule to tell me more about what made her take the leap and sign up for my 4-week online flower arranging class, and what she’s got out of it.

Over to you Swazi …

Try before you buy

When I heard about your online flower arranging course I was keen to find out more. Like a lot of people I’m busy. As a mum to two young boys, wife, radio presenter and blogger I don’t often have spare time and certainly haven’t been able to commit to taking a course in a long while. To get an idea of what was involved I first tried Julie’s free 5-day mini course on how to make your flowers last longer.

My flower and plant love

I love flowers and plants. When we moved house five years ago it was the 200 foot garden that appealed to me the most. There was so much of it to explore - and plenty more I have still to do.

Julie’s 4-week online flower arranging course really encouraged me to go outside and see what I had right under my nose. I found greenery to add to bought flowers and used flowers from our garden to make simple arrangements too. In the past I’ve gone outside to pick foliage from the garden to create table centrepieces, but they’ve always looked a bit disastrous. My family was really nice about my attempts, but I knew they looked pretty awful. 

FlowerStart 4-week online flower arranging class
FlowerStart 4-week online flower arranging class

What have I learnt with FlowerStart?

Taking the FlowerStart course I’ve learned how to prepare flowers, how to soak flower foam, cutting flowers to the right length and plenty more besides. I loved the homework tasks making different arrangements including a teacup arrangement and a posy. The course has inspired me to try making my own arrangements and I will definitely be giving a table centrepiece another go for my next big family dinner. I’d love to make my own door wreath next Christmas. I haven’t quite got the skills at the moment, but I’m working slowly getting there.

I found Julie’s online tutorials were short enough to watch while preparing a cup of tea (even if I didn’t get to actually drink it!) and I was able to watch again when I had more time.

The biggest thing was how the course increased my confidence in my own ability. I saw a basket arrangement in M&S this week and instead of buying it I’m going to try and make a version myself for my Mum and Mother in Law. I’ll use a mixture of bought flowers, greenery, holly and berries from the garden. In future, I’d like to learn more about which flowers and plants work together.

What plans have you got for 2017?

I hope you've enjoyed Swazi's story - I'd love to hear what flowery plans you've got for 2017.  Do tell me in the comments below.

5-day FREE mini-course

If you’re planning to find your happy with flowers this week don’t forget you can amaze your friends with your knowledge about getting your flowers to last longer. Sign up here for access to my FREE five-day mini course and make a start on getting your flowers to last longer.

If you’d like to join my 4-week online flower arranging class you can find out more about it here.

Until next time, happy flowers!



If your flower arranging skills need a bit of a boost, perhaps you’d like to find out more about my 4-week online flower arranging class - click through to my post on Frequently Asked Questions.


FlowerStart 4-week online flower arranging class
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