Stylish pumpkin carving made easy

Picking your own pumpkin seems to have become ‘a thing’ in recent years.  Here in the Garden of Garden we’re spoilt for choice as to where we can PYO pumpkins – although I must say we’re more than happy with our picking experience at Saffery Farm, which handily is only a few miles from where we live.

Carving ahead of time?

Depending on when half term falls in relation to Halloween I would strongly advise you don’t carve your pumpkins too far ahead of time.  Pick them and store them by all means, but you’ll find that once carved they start to rot – and I’m talking soggy collapsed mess, here – within a few days.

easy pumpkin carving
easy pumpkin carving

Carving tools

My favoured tools for carving are a sharp kitchen knife and an ice cream scoop for the preparatory stages, followed by a cordless drill. Over the years I’ve found the plastic tool carving sets aren’t robust enough to do the job. So, I’d advise you don’t buy anything special – use what you have in your kitchen drawer.

Using an ice cream scoop to gouge out your pumpkin innards makes the job so much easier. Aim to cut into the pumpkin flesh a little and the pulp and seeds will come away really easily.

easy pumpkin carving
easy pumpkin carving

Stylish pumpkin carving

In recent years I’ve saved a couple of pumpkins to do my own things with.  Scary faces are fine, but for when something more sophisticated is called for – and in reality, somethings really quick and easy is need you need to did your drill of out your tool box.

My drill is a cordless drill is a Bosch PSR 10, 8 L1-2. I couldn’t find the exact one we had at home on Amazon – but this drill looks like a good comparison.

easy pumpkin carving
easy pumpkin carving

Choose a drill bit and then get drilling into your pumpkin.  Start slow and once you’ve got the hand of how much pressure you need to apply you can speed up.  The design options are endless – you could go for random constellations, or more a formal grid of circles.  Change your drill bit to vary the size of your holes, skim the skin off your pumpkin for some and puncture right through for others.

As we were out trick or treating this year I didn’t want to leave a naked flame in my pumpkins.  Instead a set my battery operated church candles to the flicker mode, which was really effective.

If you fancy changing things up a bit how about using your pumpkin as a container for your flowers?  The DIY in this blog post is a good starting point.

Until next time, happy flowers!


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easy pumpkin carving
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