Pin-up Pumpkins

I’d love to live in New England, provided I had a clapboard house with a verandah and places galore to display a whole range of pumpkins.

We don’t really do the whole trick or treat thing at home, but I do love to mark the changing seasons and have happy memories from my childhood carving lanterns (I’m sure we used turnips), telling scary stories with the lights off and apple bobbing.  Now it’s difficult to know whether you should be eating squashes from the farm shop, or buying them in every size and colour to display at home.

P landscape window sill

It’s at moments like this that I wish that I was more active on Pinterest, but I’m still getting to grips with it.  I have however been devouring images on other social media platforms and last year tried out a few ideas.  I was particularly pleased with my power drill designing from last year and the simplicity of adding ribbons to demark the segments of the pumpkin.



Thinking caps on for something to challenge me over the half term hols …


Until next time, happy flowers!

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