Pashley Manor tulip festival

Last weekend I joined a coach load of flower fans and went to Pashley Manor Gardens for its annual tulip festival.  If you haven’t visited the tulips this year then you’ve left it too late. However, I’d suggest you make a note for rose week (in June) and the dahlia days planned for September.

Pashley Manor

The gardens at Pashley Manor are carpeted with over 30, 000 tulips and are a glorious sight. We took loads of photos of the first beds we came across. With each path the tulips became even more densely packed.  We walked in a lazy loop outside the walled garden, around the ponds and up to the terrace and tea rooms.  We’d already had our picnic on the tables provided by the main gate – so we just topped up with tea and cake.  After that we strode across the meadow and through into the bluebell wood and back around to the ponds.

Pashley Manor tulip festival
Pashley Manor tulip festival

Walled garden

Leaving the walled gardens to last meant we were blown away by the sight of a very inviting swimming pool with tulips in every shade of purple.  The parterre garden outside was packed with pinks. Tulipa angelique was my favourite – a romantic soft pink peony-like bloom. Alongside the kitchen garden was an area of whites – and then the heady scent of an amazing wall of wisteria.

Pashley Manor tulip festival
Pashley Manor tulip festival

Floral Marquee

We saved the floral marque until last. It was like a village flower show. And some.  Pine-scrubbed tables with shining glassware and mases and masses of cut tulips. A truly scrumptious sight.  We didn’t order anything from Bloms Bulbs (as our Head Gardener wasn’t with us), but did buy a really pretty pack of postcards of watercolours from Sue Clark to remember our day.

Pashley Manor’s Tulip Festival makes a superb day out and I’d highly recommend you add it to your floral bucket list.

Until next time, happy flowers!




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Pashley Manor tulip festival
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