No red rose needed

At times being a florist is quite a mathematical process.  Not only in the obvious of managing a budget and the patterns that can be made in a table arrangement to direct you where to place your next flower – come to a workshop and I’ll explain more!  But also in terms of the Venn diagram of making connections and developing working relationships – I’m sure it’s the same for any business.


I first “met” 3D Displays Ltd via the baby group.  You know that point when you’ve done with the baby chat and you realise that the women around you have interesting and responsible “other” lives?  Well, let me introduce Helen, who invited me to her showroom.  An eye opening display of sleek point-of-sale merchandise that had all sorts of wonderful floristry applications.  Although not sold as such, I use two of the 3D Displays cylindrical towers as vases.  They have proved to be water tight (no guarantees are offered) and have successfully been through the dishwasher.


Chatting on Facebook and Twitter led me to Jeni (the digital marketing manager at 3D Displays).  We arranged to meet at our local coffee shop and low and behold  – no red rose needed in the lapel – I recognised Jeni as the organiser of a local school event that I had attended to promote my Christmas door wreath workshops last year!


That cup of tea led to the opportunity of working together.  Jeni is currently developing a project to widen her sales base from shop fittings and point-of-sale displays to cross over into the domestic/events and wedding market.


We had great fun working on a photo shoot together.  I’ve added the short cylindrical vases (they’ll always be vases to me!) to my wish list as well as the place card (business card) stands.  I like the way that they firmly hold your business card straight up acting as a sentry –  your own personal guide to your place at the table, or in my case, a little hello and welcome to my stand.


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I’ll leave the final word to Jeni who says “to see the wide range of acrylic products manufactured and supplied by 3D Displays, please visit our factory showroom in Faversham. All the products are on show, the friendly staff can offer advice if you need it and then you can drive away with your chosen goodies! You can find us by clicking on this link

Until next time, happy flowers! Julie


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