My secret to stress free supermarket flower buying

I often get in a flap when choosing my supermarket flowers, how about you?

Does this sound like you?

Make a note “buy flowers” – my sisters are coming to visit and I want the house to look “inspection” ready!

Think about what flowers I’d like to buy – based on what I saw instore last week.

Leave it a few days. Remember to dash to supermarket between dance class and home.

Dive into the supermarket and rein in disappointment – the flowers have changed since last week!

Walk around the carousel and take in what’s for sale.

Walk around again – surely I missed the section with the exquisite roses and superbly priced peonies? Get cross with myself that I didn’t pre-order with my High Street florist.

Start pacing. Stop.

Give myself a talking to. What flowers can I see in each colourway?

  • White: roses, spray carnations, chrysanthemums (mixed in with some acid yellows and mauve pinks).
  • Red: roses, spray carnations, chrysanthemums.
  • Orange: roses, spray carnations, chrysanthemums – dyed: yuck!

Yikes – why didn’t I do this earlier? Check watch. Need to be home in 15 minutes.

Mental arithmetic. Buy large. Or buy multiples of smalls. Are the discounted deals better value for money?

Make decision. Grab three bunches. 12 minutes and I’m due home.

Put two bunches back.

Decide the roses have too many bruised petals. There seem to be only 11 heads to those 12 stems.

Put back the roses. 11 minutes and I’m due home.

Why not splash out – they’re my sisters after all!

One large mixed bunch. £15.

Self-service or join the queue for the human? 10 minutes and I’m due home.

Self-service – unexpected item in the bagging area. 8 minutes and I’m due home.

0 bags. Points on my card. I’m off home.


My top tips for a stress free supermarket flower buying trip

  1. Know your budget
  2. Choose a colour and stick with it
  3. Be methodical and don’t rush

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Until next time, happy flowers


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