Make your Mum smile!

Are you treating your Mum to flowers on Mother’s Day? Don’t forget that her flowers will last longer if you treat them right.

Here are my top tips for floral longevity:

  1. Set your flowers free! If your bouquet has arrived in a pouch of water, cut it away and place the flowers in an actual vase.  Delivering the flowers with a water supply means that they stay hydrated during transit: the cellophane wrapping is not intended to be used as a vase for the duration.
  2. Every few days tip the water out of your vase and add fresh water, with flower food – you probably got a sachet or two from the florist when they arrived.  Re-cut the stems and enjoy your flowers for a little bit longer.
  3. As elements of your bouquet begin to fade, be ruthless and sort through the vase.  Throw away (compost) the dead stems and save those that still have more life in them.  Repeat step two again.  As your stems become shorter, and fewer in number try placing them in smaller bud vases (or jam jars) and grouping them along your window sill or mantelpiece.

For more advice on caring for your flowers click over to one of my older blog posts and find out why “ballet toes” are the key to success in a vase.

Until next time, happy flowers!

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