Let’s talk flower crowns

Have you ever thought about making your own flower crown to celebrate May Day? Or perhaps to wear at a festival over the summer?  This weekend I had the pleasure of showing a group of hen party gals how to create their own flower crowns.

A bit of history

A quick search on Google explains that the English tradition of crowning a May Queen dates back to the 19th Century – fuelled by the popularity of Tennyson’s poem “The May Queen”. A local young women or girl would be crowned Queen of the May – with the festival including Maypole dancing.

Flower crowns for weddings

Wedding blog The Knot explains how the origins of the flower crown date back to Ancient Greece when they were worn at special occasions to honour the gods. At this time laurel crowns were worn to honour military achievements and to signify respect.

In medieval times it’s said that flower crowns fell out of fashion because of their association with pagan rituals. However, when Queen Victoria got married in 1840 she not only popularised the wearing of a white wedding dress, but also wore a crown of orange blossom.

In the more recent past flower crown were associated with the hippie culture of the 1960s. This in turn influenced mainstream fashion, bringing flower crowns back into style for weddings today.

flower crowns
flower crowns

Flower Crowns today

Flower crowns are ever-popular today for weddings and festivals. Brides love the fact they symbolise love and fertility – coming full circle with the wearing of a May crown and celebration of new life in the spring.

Not only are flower crowns an integral part of all the best weddings – check out Princess Charlotte’s waxflower and gypsophila flower crown at Pippa Middleton’s wedding on 20 May – but they’re also a fun project to make as part of your hen party celebrations.

Your DIY flower crown

Once you’ve formed a wire base for your flower crown decorating it is all a matter of taste.  You can keep it streamlined and simple, or pack it with flowers for a more Boho look.

There are two vital ingredients for your tool box – floristry wires and stem tape.  You can buy them both from Amazon*. I recommend a 0.71mm wire for your base and finer wires if you decide to wire your individual flowers (0.56mm/silver rose wires) and tape to bind everything in place.

Until next time, happy flowers!




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flower crowns
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