Kent Creative Businesses: Julie Davies, florist

A guest post on the blog today.

Words and pictures by Richard Torble. Richard is a headshot and portrait photographer, based in Faversham, Kent.

In his own words he brings a modern, easy going yet productive and professional approach to his work and believes that success is a by product of enjoyment.  You can read more about Richard at

Over to Richard …

The things we do for the love of it…I admit, I’m allergic to what feels like pretty much everything but if it’s grass/pollen/flower related, it gets kicked up another level. Being allergic to grass is the only reason I’m not a world famous footballer. Kinda. Therefore, I must have either a screw loose or be a masochist, or both, to want to shoot the next part of my project on creative businesses in Kent with Julie Davies, who runs her own flower arranging workshops at ‘pop-up’ locations throughout the county.


Generally speaking, sneezing over your subjects is something to avoid. It just doesn’t portray the calm, professional approach I tend to have in mind for my business. Doesn’t help with referrals much either. However, I’ve met Julie a few times before, she’s really quite nice and exactly what I had in mind when I thought the project up. So, off I went, tissues in pocket, to see what I could come up with.

Julie was already in the middle of putting together some arrangements for a local school when I arrived, which was a great opportunity to grab some candid ‘at work’ images. Julie has a beautiful, large kitchen and although it was a rather overcast day (quelle surprise), the light coming in from the large doors was very nice indeed. I do a lot of off camera flash work but sometimes, when the ambient light is so good, it’s wise to just run with it.

We chatted about various flower related things, including the desire to get more guys into flower arranging. A tough call you might suggest, but guys, seriously, if you want some brownie points from the other half, think of how many you’d get by not just picking up some wilted weeds from the closest service station but by hand making something yourself. Think of all the potential benefits, including that one. One of the pop up locations is a local pub so you can even have a pint or two whilst you’re at it.

And somewhat strangely, I hardly sneezed at all. Until I got home that is. We even had time to nip outside before the rain came and get some flash lit images. I’ve dropped my favourite in at the end.













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