If you go down to the woods today …


Armed with a grid reference and my sandwiches the welcome board told me to make my way down to the Ants.  I was going to spend the day at Thornden Woods, just outside Canterbury at a willow weaving workshop.


Guided by Penny Murchison, an Environmental Artist and Kathryn, education co-ordinator at the Kent Wildlife Trust we were shown how to make willow loops and from there spherical structures.



I was really pleased with my work of art and was a tiny bit disappointed that it wouldn’t be coming home with me.


With a few adaptions each sphere became a head, thorax or tail for the huge ants, one of many willow sculptures in the woods.

So, next time you go down to the woods take a good look at the body of the ant stage left and the head of the ant stage right.

Are the antennas still intact?

My hands did recover.



For further information on KWT events, why not visit http://www.kentwildlifetrust.org.uk/whats-on


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2 thoughts on “If you go down to the woods today …

  1. Hi this looks great,I like the mix of text and pictures and your poor fingers healed no doubt. I came along in the afternoon and really enjoyed my time there.

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