How to look after your peonies

Peonies are everywhere at the moment.  But do you know how to look after them?

Peonies in season

Peonies have a really short season. They bloom from late spring through to early summer- from April until May and June. As a cut flower they’ll only last seven days, or so. Buy your peonies when they’re in tight bud, with a hint of colour showing – that way you’ll be able to enjoy them at home from bud to full bloom.

How to look after your peonies

Once you’ve got your peonies home you’ll need to re-cut their stems and put them in water.  Florists call this conditioning – have a look at this blog post - it’ll take you step by step through the conditioning process.

It’s really very simple.

  1. Fill a clean vase with water
  2. Add flower food if you have it
  3. Re-cut your stems at an angle
  4. Place them in your vase
how to look after peonies
how to look after peonies

How about a mix of open and part-open peonies in your vase?

Your peonies will open really quickly on a warm day.  If you’d like to have a mixed vase of open and part open blooms you can do this by storing your peonies ‘dry’.

Condition half your bunch as described above. Wrap the other half of your bunch in paper and set it aside in a cool place.

After a day or so unwrap the second half of the bunch and re-cut your stems.  Add them to your vase. You’ll notice that as your full blooms start to fade, they’ll be replaced by your opening buds.

Take a look at these Facebook Live video clips – see if you can spot the peonies that went into water once I got them home, and the others that I stored for 48 hours.


Are you buds not opening?

You may find your peony buds don’t open.  If that’s the case gently wash off the sticky sap from the protective petals which are holding your bud tight.  They’ll open in no time.

Do you have a favourite peony?

Do you have a favourite peony?  I’d love to hear your recommendations.  Leave me a comment in the box below.

Until next time, happy flowers!




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how to look after peonies
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