How to create a spring tablescape

Before Christmas I talked about finding my winter hygge and the vibe you can create at home during the winter months.  It seems such a shame to wait a whole year before you can get your hygge on again. How about extending  that feeling of cosiness and provide a warm and caring welcome to your home by creating a spring tablescape for your dining table? 

One of the key ingredients for hygge is getting the mood right with your lighting – and in part this is down to being surrounded by candle light.  I was lucky enough to be given some battery operated real wax candles for Christmas. 

Using candle light to create your spring hygge

Creating a spring tablescape on your dining room table, in your kitchen, on your mantelpiece or a shelf is a great way of welcoming the season to your home – and makes a stylish change from the excesses of the party season.

To create your spring tablescape you’ll need:

  1. Candles
  2. Glassware and other containers
  3. Spring flowers
  4. Greenery, moss and other decorative items

Step 1

Starting with your candles place the tallest one in the centre of your table, with the shorter ones either side – stretching out towards the edge of your table.  Gather together a mismatched selection  of glassware.  This’ll reflect the glow of your candle light.  I started with an old Kilner jar next to my central candle.  It’s quite tall, so I used it to build up a taller central area of interest along the length of my table.  You could use any type of glassware - even empty pickle jars.

how to create a spring tablescape

Step 2

From this central area think about decreasing the height of your glassware, so you end up with the shortest containers out towards the outer edges of your table. I added in a couple of hyacinth vases, some pretty jam jars, a smaller lidded Kilner jar and some tiny bottles.  For contrast I also included a couple of golden syrup tins – I like their green and gold colouring and their metallic sheen will also glow in the candle light.

Step 3

To join these separate elements together you’ll need to add some greenery. It needs to be quite robust as it will be lying on your table top, and not be in water.  I had some pine trimmings left over from Christmas so I snaked these along my table, linking everything together.  To contrast with this spikey/prickliness, think about adding something softer in texture.  I used some moss from the top of our garage roof.  Building on my landscape theme I then sprinkled some budding snowdrop bulbs onto these cushions of green.

how to create a spring tablescape
how to create a spring tablescape

Step 4

Next you need to think about your flowers.  I used some potted hyacinths from the garden centre.  You’ll need to carefully shake the soil of their roots. I ‘replanted’ them in my syrup tins. Previously, I’ve tried washing all the soil from the roots, but I found doing this knocked most of the roots off as well! Although I included hyacinth vases in my tablescape I haven’t used them for my hyacinths as I felt this would make them stand too tall and possibly become unstable as the hyacinths grow.  Instead, I nestled them down into my tins, which hopefully will give them a bit of support.

Once you’re happy with the basic structure of your tablescale you can add fresh flowers.  I used tulips. I cut these down short so their necks rested on the rim of my jars and vases – although I did go a little taller in my central container.

After that it’s just a matter of primping and preening. You can play around with the different elements until you’re happy with the flow and harmony of your arrangement.  Then, light your candles and sit back and relax.

I’d love to hear how you’re using flowers to combat the winter blues and what tips you’ve got for bringing the feeling of hygge into spring – do tell me in the comments below.

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Until next time, happy flowers!



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how to create a spring tablescape
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