When to hang your Christmas door wreath

Have you hung your Christmas door wreath on your front door? I’m coming to the end of my Christmas door wreath workshop season – and, without fail I always get asked two questions. When should you hang your wreath on your door and should you add a bow (more on that next time)?

When should you hang your Christmas door wreath?

Traditionally we make our Christmas puddings on stir-up Sunday, which is the last Sunday before the start of Advent.  This year it was 27 November. But when should you hang your Christmas door wreath?

As with all the big questions I went to the straight to the internet, and then social media.  I didn't get much joy when after typing in the search “when should I hang my Christmas door wreath”.  There was plenty of advice about how hang your door wreath, but none about when. So, I asked the question on social media.

When to hang your Christmas door wreath
When to hang your Christmas door wreath

Hanging your handmade Christmas door wreath

If you’ve been to a workshop and made your own Christmas door wreath my advice would be to hang it up as soon as you get home.

There are two reasons for this (1) you want to show off your handiwork and get those compliments rolling in as soon as possible and (2) if you don’t hang it – you’ve then got the problem of storing it.

2 things to think about if you’re going to delay hanging your Christmas door wreath

If you decide to delay hanging your door wreath you’ll need to bear the following in mind:

  1. Don’t crush it

The only way to guarantee not crushing your Christmas door wreath is to temporarily hang it up - before the big reveal - or store it flat where it won’t have things inadvertently placed on top of it.

  1. Keep it cool

You’ll need to keep your Christmas door wreath somewhere cool so your greenery doesn’t start to dry out - and then dislodge or crumble away.  Ideally this means not storing your Christmas door wreath indoors. Although an unheated conservatory (out of direct sunlight), your garage or garden shed would do.

My favourite place for storage is under my patio table. It’s sheltered and won’t be disturbed.  You could even place it on your table as temporary outdoor decor to enjoy in your garden.  If you don’t do this before Christmas I’d certainly suggest doing it in the New Year - so you can admire your handiwork for as long as possible.

When to hang your Christmas door wreath
When to hang your Christmas door wreath

Hanging your florist-bought Christmas door wreath

If you’re buying your fresh Christmas door wreath from your High Street florist you’ll be able to liaise about collection/delivery.  Take your florist’s advice about longevity of the type of Christmas door wreath you’re ordering and plan your collection/delivery accordingly. Once bought I’d suggest you hang it straight away.

Hanging your artificial Christmas door wreath

If your Christmas door wreath is stored in your loft along with your other Christmas decorations, then hanging it will be determined by when you start decorating your home.  Maybe you like everything in place by the 1st December, or, like to savour the excitement and hold off until Christmas Eve. 

If you’re somewhere between the two I’d suggest making sure you pack away your Christmas door wreath last each year, so its readily accessible - together with your Christmas cards and perpetual Advent calendar -  and really easy to dig out of storage.

It’s highly likely your artificial door wreath will be a bit squashed after 11 months, so do make sure you revive it!  This means fluffing-up its branches and making sure any decorative berries and pine cones aren’t hidden.

How to hang your Christmas door wreath

Not quite sure how to hang your door wreath?  Take a look at this video – it’s my most watched on YouTube to date.

So, when should you hang your Christmas door wreath?

Just under half of respondents on social media said they hang their door wreaths up on 1 December.  For the rest it seems timings vary depending on when the main decorations are being put up – with most saying their door wreath is in place about two weeks before Christmas Day. As with all things Christmas it’s about personal preference and the traditions in your family.

I’d love to hear when you hang your Christmas door wreath – do leave me a comment below.

Until next time, happy flowers!



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When to hang your Christmas door wreath
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  1. I hang the Wreath on the front door when my Wife is ready for me to hang the Wreath on the front door. Not a second earlier.

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