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Have you heard about my 4-week online flower arranging classes?  For a while, I’ve had BusyMums say they can’t join my courses because its difficult commit to a regular evening class. I decided to bring my classes to them, by running an online course that Mums can do in the comfort of their own home whenever they have some free time.

It’s a great way of taking some time out and learn something new. And it’s been really popular.  I email lessons three times a week, to take at your leisure.  Friday is homework day – so you can treat yourself to flowers for the weekend.  All you need to do is follow my instructions (using photo-tutorials and video clips) to create beautiful flowers for you and your family to enjoy at home.

The tips and tricks you’ll pick up will give you ideas to wow your friends with for years to come – and give you some great ideas to share with your children as “rainy day” activities.  Age is no barrier – although if your little ones are really young they’ll need some help with their scissors!

Jane from Jane Mucklow Photography signed up for class in May – here she tells me a little bit about her life as a Busy Mum and what she thought about taking flower arranging classes online.

1.Tell me about your life as a Busy Mum

I have three children, two girls at primary school and an almost four-year-old boy, a house that never seems to stay clean and tidy for more than two minutes, and my own business that I’m trying to build, so life is very busy!  It’s a big juggling act fitting everything in.  We try and do something together at the weekend though, in between the youngest’s football lesson, the eldest’s musical rehearsal, jobs around the house and garden, me trying to get a bit of work done, etc etc!  And we always stop and enjoy Sunday dinner together which I love.

2.Do you have time for any hobbies/creative interests?

Hmm … fewer than they used to be.  I love reading, but rarely get the chance to, so always fit a few books in on holiday.  Since we moved here nearly six years ago and had an overgrown mess of a garden to deal with, I have enjoyed learning about plants and garden design, from books and trying it out.  And of course photography, I usually have my camera with me wherever we go!

I did A Level art at school a long time ago.  Then I studied interior design, followed by photography evening classes after University, and it was the photography that really caught me.

3. Tell my about your photography business

I run my own photography business from home, making and selling greetings cards, prints, canvases and calendars of my local landscapes and flowers, or whatever catches my eye wherever I go. As well as capturing the natural world I also do headshot and commercial photography. At the moment I’m working with the House of Colour combining colour analysis and makeover with a photo shoot.

4.How did you get on learning how to arrange flowers online?

Doing the course online has been great, it really has fitted around everything else, and I could do each bit of the course when I liked.  I fancied learning something new. I’ve always loved having flowers in the house, and thought it would be really useful and fun to learn how to arrange them properly.  Plus, it was a lovely excuse to buy more flowers, and be able to photograph them afterwards!

It has been really useful to have all the info by email so that I can go back and look at it all again.  As I hoped, it has been great to learn how to do different kinds of arrangements, and to think more about which flowers and foliage to choose.  I had visitors the weekend after doing the first arrangement, and received lots of compliments – I will definitely be doing more ‘arranging’ than just ‘plonking’!

Do you know the William Morris saying about things in your home have to be useful or beautiful?  I’ve found the right words – “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”  Your course was both.

It has been really good having the various emails throughout each week, and spreading out the bigger tasks with things to think about in between.  There was a good mixture of the videos, instructions and pictures.  I really liked the Pinterest boards for inspiration too.  Having the classes via email has been great, it means I can go back and do each bit, or re-look at particular bits later.


It’s been great to hear Jane’s flower arranging story.  If you’re in Kent – and in particular Otford, Eynsford, Shoreham, Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells – check out Jane’s Facebook page to find out more about her local 2017 calendars.

5-day mini-course

If you’re planning to find your happy with flowers this week don’t forget you can amaze your friends with your knowledge about getting your flowers to last longer.  Sign up here for access to my free five-day mini course and make a start on getting your flowers to last longer.

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