Flowers for all occasions

Whether you’re re-decorating your home or office, or have even decided on a stay-cation this year, it’s well worth thinking through your colours, fabrics, accessories and (of course) your flowers well in advance.

Interior styling with flowers

While it can be easy to dive straight in with any décor project, taking a little time to think through an overall theme will ensure you have a well thought-out and stylish living or working space that’s comfortable and a nice place to be.

Flowers are so often the poor relation of any interior décor project and yet are so important when it comes to adding personality to a room.

Think about how vibrant indoor plants can breathe new life into a room, or by colour coordinating flowers to a feature wall, they can really make a statement.

Flowers can also be such a welcome addition to any hallway or reception area for that all-important first impression, because it’s true that it really does count.

Furthermore, they can so often be used to reflect a brand, support a particular event or even contrast with a company’s corporate colours – the opportunities with flowers are literally endless!

Flowers for all occasions
Flowers for all occasions

Flowers in relationships

Back to home life and I know so many people who buy themselves flowers on regular occasions as a treat, a pat on the back or as a pick-me-up, and why not?

Flowers are no longer reserved for men to buy women on special occasions, I have witnessed a growing trend in the number of women buying for women – whether as an act of friendship, encouragement, support or simply for a special occasion. And bravo to that.

When we support each other through simple acts of kindness, great things can happen and deeper friendships and connections can be made.

Flowers for all occasions
Flowers for all occasions

Flowers in business

I know people who have bought flowers as a kind gesture but also as a foot in the door to growing a business relationship and such simple gestures do, in fact, help.

With no fancy marketing strategy behind it, this back-to-basics approach has distinct advantages. Imagine receiving a beautiful bouquet first thing on a Monday morning from a business contact, from someone you hadn’t chatted to in a long time or even someone you had interviewed for a job?

Such small acts of genuine kindness in and out of work are such a rarity these days that they can have a lasting effect on how you view that particular person.

There are certainly many advantages to having flowers around. Yes, they can help to make people feel happy and uplifted, yet they can add so much to a room as well. Whether you have a neutral colour scheme at home and don’t have the budget for a full-on refurbishment, a splash of colour to reflect the season can make a real statement and talking point. And, when mixing flowers with beautiful foliage, and it can make for a focal point.

In my opinion, flowers should be an essential part of life – in and out of the home and with friends, families and even work colleagues. Great things can happen if you put a little effort into kind gestures that so many of us forget these days because life is so busy.

So, what are you waiting for? Order those flowers today ...

Until next time, happy flowers!


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