The easy way to arrange sunflowers

Sunflowers are probably one of the easiest flowers to arrange.  All you need to do is channel your inner Vincent van Gogh and go for a really simple, ‘under-arranged’ look.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be able to create a fabulous display to enjoy at home.

1. Condition your flowers

Are you treating your flowers right?  If ‘conditioning’ is a mystery to you check out this blog post.  The trick to keeping your flowers fresher for longer is to re-cut your stems, and use a really clean vase for your flowers.

2. Choose the right vase

You’ll find the huge heads on your sunflowers make them top heavy.  They key here is to place your flowers in a vase which won’t topple over under their weight.  Look for a vase that is quite tall, and cinched in at the top – so it’ll hold your sunflowers in place.  The wider the opening is to the mouth of your vase, the harder you’ll find it to arrange your flowers.

If a wide vase is all you have, make sure you buy more flowers.  The greater the number of stems you have, the more they support/hold each other up – so they won’t be falling away to one side of your container.

arranging sunflowers in a vintage vase
arranging sunflowers in a vintage vase

3. Cut and plonk

I’m not usually an advocate of the ‘cut and plonk’ style of flower arranging – but it really does work if you’re using a single type of flower.  Take the bunch in your hand and literally drop your flowers into your vase in one go.

4. A bit of repositioning

There’s no point in having your best flowers hiding around the back of your vase.  Turn your vase sideways to see what you’ve got lurking at the back and reposition your sunflowers to make them more forward-facing.

5. Think about height

Buying flowers from your high street means buying flowers with standard-length stems.  This can give your vase a very ‘static’ appearance.  I’d suggest you take a couple of sunflowers out of your vase and trim them shorter so they bridge the gap between the rim of your vase and the heads of your remaining sunflowers.  You’re aiming to cover up the some of your stems to create a vase with more dynamic appeal – creating ‘movement’ in your vase.

If you need a handy reminder of how easy it is to arrange your sunflowers check out this video – or bookmark it to watch later.

6. Damaged flower heads?

Over time you may find some of your sunflower petals get damaged and start to fall off.  It’ll give your flowers the appearance of having ‘teeth’ missing, which isn’t a great look.  Be bold and pinch off all your petals.  Doing this will prolong the appeal of your sunflowers and give a designer edge to your arrangement.

I’d love to hear how you get on with your own vase of sunflowers – do leave me a comment below, and share  this post with your friends and family.


Until next time, happy flowers!



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arranging sunflowers in a vintage vase
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