DIY: spring bulbs in glass

My workshop is a bit of a tip.  It starts the month in a reasonably organised fashion and then class by class things don’t get put back in their right place. Ok I don’t put them back. I stash my bag of bits in a convenient corner and move on to the next teaching gig.  My goal of streamlined organisation would be much easier to achieve if I didn’t have to share “my” space with the clutter of family life. My teaching supplies jostle for space with the freezer, running machine (unused for at least eight years) and an assortment of household tools.

With half term approaching I’m setting aside time to revamp my shelves and put my scissors back in the box marked “scissors” …

After a bike ride last weekend I re-discovered a box of hyacinth jars.  I brought these in bulk from a charity shop a long time ago and they’ve not been used.  I expect you’ve got similar hidden treasures lurking in your cupboards.  Now’s the time to dust them off and plant up your spring bulbs.


Before bringing your glassware back into use it’ll need a wash.  I find the dishwasher convenient – but suggest you be prepared to take the risk of damage before you treat your vintage vases the same way.  To mimic the “I’ve grown these myself” look, you’ll need to gently wash the soil off the roots, you’ll need to be careful not to damage the root structure. (As you can see get a lot of the roots on my hyacinths fell away – but as I write four days later they’re doing well and the flower spike is beginning to develop).



Once you’ve got the hang of it you can carry on with other bulbs in other containers. I’ve continued the idea through with a glass apothecary style jar that my sister gave me for my birthday last year.  It’s a good one for bulbs as the high sides will support them as they grow.  You could also add twiggy stems such as silver birch, or budding branches to create more of a vegetative, natural look – and create your own version of an on-trend terrarium.



This would make a good project for the half term hols.  How about raiding the recycling bin and see whether you could re-purpose some jam jars?  The one plus side of having a pickled onion eater in the house (and there can only be one good reason), is that these jars are slightly bigger with a wider mouth, so they are more practical for “planting up”.

I’d love hear whether you give this project a go.  These bulbs in glass would make a great spring time gift – and would be perfect for Mother’s Day, which here in the UK is on Sunday 6 March. Alternatively you could also plant them in soil in a decorative bowl.

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