Coming home from the party

Packing up after a workshop is like coming home from a party.  The carefully stowed paraphernalia, pre-workshop, is now a bit haphazard.  Like the “shall I take off my mascara at 1.30am before I go to bed?” conundrum, is the dilemma of the buckets.  Being too tired to do the right thing is such a drag.

Caring for your cut flowers and foliage starts before you’ve even stepped into the garden, florist or supermarket.  Cleaning your buckets after they were last used means you’ll save yourself a job before you start your next floral project.  However tempting, skipping this stage may be harmful to the longevity of your flowers: which won’t give you good floral value for money.


My top tips for cleaning down after a function:

  1. Compost the stems that have no useful purpose
  2. Jam jar the rest and enjoy them for a few days more
  3. Used floral foam belongs in the rubbish bin
  4. Tip the buckets out.  I do this outside onto the flower beds.  I’ve misfired too many times to mention when I try this operation in the kitchen sink
  5. Next it’s a splash of bleach and a loo brush (designated for bucket cleaning only)
  6. Add water and slosh and brush
  7. Tip bleach mix into the next bucket and repeat down the line
  8. Turn buckets upside down to drip dry – again a job for outside
  9. Stack and store ready for next time, before they become a trip hazard


Have you ever had difficulty prizing your clean buckets apart?  If so, please do share your tips for getting them to slip apart easily.

Happy flowers!


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