Church flowers for all

My mission: a training event for the Church flower arranging volunteers at St Mary Bredin

The remit: the basics from conditioning to a classic pedestal arrangement

The problem: a hot church!P1040332


Stripping foliage

Cutting and conditioning flowers and foliage is vital preparation, giving your plant material the best chance of keeping perky.  You want the water to get to the flower heads, so strip off the leaves so that the flow of water isn’t diverted off course.


Soaking floral foam

The key here is to allow the foam to soak.  No pushing or poking it to submerge it into its water bath.  You’ll end up with airlocks and a dry spot at the core of your foam, just at the point where your radiating stems meet.


Fixing mechanics

Firm and secure.  Tape the floral foam to the pot and then tape the pot to the pedestal stand.


Easy (and plentiful) watering

An over-sized pot provides a fabulous water reserve.  You’ll need to remember to keep it topped up.

Size matters

You need to decide how large to design your arrangement.  Flowers arranged for your dining room table are going to be really, really small in the context of a vast public space.  Make it big and use the whole length of your stems.



What are your top tips for Church flowers?

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4 thoughts on “Church flowers for all

  1. Thanks for your training and valuable tips yesterday at the course. It was great fun and interesting to see how different our arrangements were, even though we used the same flowers. The course was really helpful and I now feel less nervous about the next arrangement I will do.

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