Bonkers about Botanicals

I’ve been getting to know Christine from FlowerPowerLife over the last few months. She’s been working her way through my 4-week online flower arranging course and has written about her #FlowerStart experience on her blog – do check it out. I really enjoy meeting my FlowerStarters online, so it’s been lovely to catch up with Christine and find out more about the person behind the profile picture.

Bonkers about botanicals

Christine describes herself as being bonkers about botanicals, a fifty plus fashion addict and lover of quirky hotels. With her husband Steve, she travels all the time and about every six weeks or so they go off on adventures in the UK and overseas. The secret to all this travel is that they’re registered house sitters.

Seize the moment

In 2011 Christine had a spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD) which resulted in a heart attack and completely stopped her in her tracks.  Christine explains that this really changed her life – for the good and not so good. And as a result, she’s a firm believer that you should seize the moment and do what makes you happy.

Over to you Christine.


At the start of Autumn, I was invited to enrol on Julie’s 4- week online flower arranging class.  As someone who is bonkers about gardening and aromatherapy this was right up my street and my floristry skills went from zero to hero in a very short space of time!

To begin with, my skill level was along the lines of ‘plonk in a vase and twiddle about a bit’.  I didn’t cut flowers from my garden and I certainly didn’t treat myself to a bunch of flowers as a weekend treat.

FlowerStart 4-week online flower arranging class
FlowerStart 4-week online flower arranging class

Oh how things have changed.  Just a few weeks later, I had the confidence to make a funeral tribute (although I admit this was rather tricky and I probably bit off more than I can chew!). 

I’m now that lady who treats herself to gorgeous flowers from my local florist at the weekend and even arrange them properly when I get home.

The garden is being regularly plundered for greenery, although I have so much raw material, this is very much not a problem!

My weekly woodland walk has been enhanced by the purchase of a Swiss Army knife which I have been using to forage berries and seed heads for autumn arrangements.

Vases which had been stuffed in the cupboard for years have been miraculously reinvented as trendy vintage pieces – much enhanced by fresh flowers and foliage.

My camera too has been getting a workout as I have been snapping away at anything remotely instagrammable for inspiration!

For me, this has been a real eye opener.  I am brimming with ideas now for Christmas, including some teacup flower arrangement gifts.  I’m also thinking of making an arrangement to run the length of the Christmas table which will include greenery from my garden, foraged berries, candles and who knows what else …

Thanks Julie for introducing me to this great hobby.


If you’ve been inspired by Christine’s story and would like to find out more about my 4-week online flower arranging class why not click through to my post on Frequently Asked Questions.

FlowerStart 4-week online flower arranging class

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