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Are you eating al fresco? And if so, are your decorating your table with flowers? As a family we enjoy sitting in the garden for as many meals as possible over the summer months. My prime reason for putting flowers on our table isn’t always for prettiness sake. It’s a great way of weighting down your table cloth. At this point I should make it clear I’m talking wipe down coverings and not my finest double damask – our table gets left out year round and quite frankly it’s a bit grotty.

Flowers in bottles

When eating outside my vases of choice are usually pretty drinks bottles with a single stem in each. This is a great way of making use of the lawn mower causalities and of bringing your garden right up to your plate. Herbs would be a great addition – and could be picked at the table to enhance your salads.



Flowers in a fruit bowl

Sometimes you’ll want a more substantial display rather than risking a group of bottles and jars which might get knocked over in a breeze. I like to use a fruit bowl or footed container – something that brings a bit of presence to the table – and can be left outdoors if you eat in a sheltered spot in your garden.

For this arrangement I’ve used water-soaked flower foam, which can be topped up with water as the need arises. What are your thoughts on flower foam? You’ll need to weigh up the creative ease it gives you when designing your arrangements versus the fact that it doesn’t biodegrade. If you’re a keen composter and avid recycler this might go against the grain …


My 4 tips for using flower foam are:

  1. Cut to size when dry (and save the off cuts for another project)
  2. Let it soak in a basin of water – don’t be tempted to push it down to speed up the process
  3. Keep the foam moist – that way your flowers will last longer
  4. Once your flowers have died compost them and throw away you flower foam in your general rubbish bin – you can’t re-use it

If you’re eating out I’d love to see how you decorate your table with flowers – tag me on twitter @flowerstart_


Until next time, happy flowers! Julie


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