A learning journey

What to say? Some fabulous feedback and some new Facebook friends. The mechanics of teaching has much in common with the mechanics of a flower arrangement. You need to get the basics in place in order to progress.

I received the call about Saturday’s class last Wednesday morning. From there the well-oiled machine rolls into place. Confirmation of the course outline and then a lesson plan, and, based on previous experience, the thumbs up that the on-site cafe would be open. It’s a long day without the prospect of a cuppa mid-way through.

On to the flowers, budget and spreadsheet. Soft reds and pink were the order of the day, with bursts of lime green as an accent. Then the foliage run. Cutting and conditioning.

Bringing the workshop together is a bit of a military operation. Flowers and greens, counted and bundled. Multiples of buckets, aprons, scissors, floral foam, pot tape and more. The next step is boxing for minimal delivery and set-up fuss.

Alarm set. Breakfast. Car loaded and off.

It was my second visit to Saturday’s venue so the pre-show anticipation wasn’t exacerbated by anxiety about directions, travel time or parking.

As well as the joy of working with flowers, the benefit of my job is meeting such interesting people with a shared goal in their learning journey.

My Saturday ladies went from flower arranging newbies to confident creators.

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Happy flowers!

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